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Hydrocodone 10/650mg is a semisynthetic opioid synthesized from codeine, one of the opioid alkaloids found in the opium poppy. It is a narcotic analgesic used orally to relieve moderate to severe pain, but it is also commonly taken in liquid form as an antitussive/cough suppressant.

It is also known as hydrocodone Watson 540 and other opioids such as diacetylmorphine (heroin), hydromorphone, levorphanol, and oxycodone. It has been historically used to treat chronic coughs associated with conditions such as bronchitis and COPD.


Hydrocodone is prescribed predominantly within the United States, at a rate of 20 times more frequently than in European countries like the United Kingdom.

One possible reason is that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has no established daily dose limit as compared to 200 mg of diacetylmorphine in the U.K., which has led to some speculation that the slight difference in the molecular structure of hydrocodone over diacetylmorphine is due primarily to political rather than chemical or physiological reasons.

Hydrocodone 10/650mg is also available under various brand names, including Vicodin, Norco, Norco-D, Zydol, Zydol ER, etc.; however, there has been no FDA approval for any of these products yet, which means they are not considered safe or effective enough for medical use in humans because they haven’t been tested at all by drug companies before being released onto shelves across North America.

How to Buy Hydrocodone 10/650mg?

If you are looking for a pain reliever, hydrocodone 10/650mg may be your best choice. It’s used to treat moderate to severe pain and comes in a pill form. You can buy hydrocodone 10/650mg online at Medical Pharmacy USA!

Hydrocodone is a narcotic analgesic that works by reducing inflammation in the body and blocking nerve impulses (nociception). The medication also affects brain chemicals that regulate mood and behavior because they affect serotonin levels; however, it is not addictive like other opioids such as morphine or heroin.


Hydrocodone 10/650mg is a combination medicine used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It contains hydrocodone bitartrate 10mg and acetaminophen 650mg. The hydrocodone bitartrate in this medication changes how your brain responds to pain, while the acetaminophen works on the body’s systems that control inflammation and fever.


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