Here is a list of the FAQs (FAQs (frequently asked questions)) about Blink Nature and its medications.

Q1- How long will it take to receive the product?

Ans- The estimated time for delivering the product is 4-5 days, a maximum of 7 in case of any emergency, but it is a rare case. We try our best to provide the product as soon as possible.

Q2- Through which company will you deliver the product?

Ans- We deliver the product through DTDC, FedEx, DHL, and many others.

Q3- How can I place the order?

Ans- You can easily place your order.

  • Select the product
  • Add that product to the cart.
  • Fill in the necessary details like name, address, number, age, quantity, etc.
  • Confirm the order
  • Make payment

Q4- What information do you require to place the order?

Ans- We require only necessary information like your name, age, address, email, id, photograph, etc.

Q5- What is the refund/return policy of your company?

Ans- If you receive the wrong /damaged parcel, you can quickly return the product with an invoice within seven working days.

Q6- What mode of payment do you accept?

Ans- We accept bank transfers, debit/credit cards, American Express, etc.

Q7- Is your website safe?

Ans- You can trust our website because we are in this field for more than 10 years with thousands of satisfied customers.

Q8- How can I contact the health consultant on your website?

Ans- You can quickly contact our health consultants by clicking on the option CONTACT US. They will reply to your query within half an hour, or as soon as possible, they will get time.

Q9- When can I place the order?

Ans- We provide 24*7*365 days service, so you can place an order whenever you feel.

Q10- What is the estimated time for delivering the product?

Ans- The estimated time for delivery is 5-6 days, but if there is an emergency, you can opt for overnight delivery or express delivery.

Q11- Do you provide cash on delivery (cod)?

Ans- Sorry, we don’t provide cash on delivery.

Q12- Is your website safe for using debit/credit cards?

Ans- Yes, you can freely make an online transaction using your debit/credit card.

Q13- Are your products genuine?

Ans- Yes, we only sold a genuine product. We are a licensed company.

Q14- How can I track my order?

Ans- For your convenience, we provide you with the tracking ID and password when you place your order.

Q15- Are the information given by me safe or not?

Ans- Yes, the information provided by you is confidential and secure. We don’t misuse the details provided by you.