Shipping Policy

Overviews of our Shipping Policy

Under shipping policy, we inform our customers about vital information regarding the shipping details, which include- shipping options available, shipping method, overall duration, any particular restrictions, and amount of shipping.

Shipping policy is not mandatory, but if you don’t mention the shipping policy, customers will not be able to find how much you are charging for shipping, and hence they will go to another site. You will lose your customer, so making customers stick to your site shipping policy is beneficial.

Do not get confused between the shipping policy and the refund policy. A refund policy includes information regarding refunds and returns, whereas and shipping policy rarely includes information regarding shipping details.

Shipping Policy Of Medical Pharma USA

SHIPPING OPTIONS- We offer three types of shipping services standard, express, and overnight. You can opt for any of these according to your requirements. If there is an emergency, then you can go for overnight shipping in which we deliver the product within 24 hours. 2 days we take in case of express shipping mode and 4-5 days in case of standard shipping mode.

Shipping Cost- The cost of shipping depends upon the shipping options you avail yourself of. Overnight shipping is the expensive one. Express shipping charges are moderate.

Our courier shipping partners are FedEx, USPS, and DHL. The shipping charge for FedEx Overnight is just $50, which delivers the package overnight and Express. Our delivery partners, USPS and DHL, charge a minimal amount of $35 for shipping, and takes 2-3 days to deliver your medicines.

Time Duration- The standard time duration of shipping is 48 hours, depending on the destination. We do not deliver the product on government holidays and Sundays.

Payment Information- We accept master cards, bank transfers, and American Express. You can avail yourself of any options according to your convenience.

Return Policy- If you received a damaged product, you could return that product within seven working days. But it rarely happens that we deliver a damaged product.

Response- Our experts respond to your queries within 24 hours if you get stuck somewhere while placing an order.